Sponge Cloth, Swedish Dishcloth, Cellulose, Reusable, 10-Sponges In Pack.

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  • Set of 10 reusable cellulose sponge cloth for kitchen or other places

  • Swedish dishcloth absorbing 10 times more liquid than sponge weight

  • Possibility of disinfection with microwave and dishwasher machine

  • Natural material of this swedish dishcloth doesn't cause allergic reactions

  • Our number one priority - customer satisfaction! If you aren't happy with our sponge cloth we offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

  • Color : Yellow

  • Size : Sponge Cloth, 10-Pack

The Siver Kleen cellulose kitchen sponge cloth produced from cellulose fiber. The thickness of this swedish dishcloth is 0,16inch/4mm, that helps to absorbing 10 times more liquid than reusable cellulose sponge weight.
After absorbing,cloth sponge is soft, elastic and pleasant to hands. In dry condition cellulose cloth hardens which prevents bacteria and microbes from multiplying.

Reusable cellulose cloth has different advantages, such as:
Universality. The swedish dishcloth can be used to wash dishes, walls, kitchen furniture and countertops. It is indispensable for cleaning in the kitchen and in the bathroom;
The sponge cloth does not leave streaks and pile on the kitchen surface;
Cellulose as a natural material is environmentally friendly and guarantees the absence of allergic reactions;

According standards of hygiene, the sponge should be replace for new one, after 2 week of using. Package consist from 10 reusable sponges, so you can change cleaning cloths constantly, before packing sponge is soaked in liquid (distilled water, absolutely not dangerous). Without this, sponge will be hard.
WARNING!!! Risk of suffocation. Plastic bags and film can be dangerous. To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this bag or film away from babies and children.