Wjl Mini Microfiber Mop,Detachable,360 Degree Rotation,Equipped With 2Pcs Replacement Mop Cloth

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  • Package include: 1 mini microfiber mop (including mop cloth), 2PCS replacement mop cloth.

  • Effective dust removal: Thick chenille, instant super absorbent clean, 180 rota table triangular head, in-depth dead.

  • Retractable handle:Lightweight and easy to use length can be freely scalable: Hold lock structure, left and right tight pine, 22-35 inch, the elderly and children are easy to use.

  • Small and convenient, suitable for a variety of corners: Bathtubs, mirrors, ceilings, murals, stairs, cars and more. Suitable for all kinds of corners, border cleaning.

  • Convenient hanging and drying: The end of the handle hole, suitable for hanging, help to dry the mop is not easy to breed bacteria, space-saving, convenient and beautiful.

  • Color : Purple

  • Size : onesize

Package included: 1 mini microfiber mop (including mop cloth), 2PCS replacement mop cloth.Cloth Material:Chenille microfiber fabric .Size: flexible dust remover head about 16*14cm/6.3*5.5 and long handle about from 55cm/21 to 90cm/35 .Color:Blue,Green and Purple .Care Instructions: Shake clean or wash with gentle detergent. The length allows me to dust wide swaths of flat surfaces easily, and the end is triangle and small enough to get into those smaller spaces. The microfiber head flexes and contours to reach tight spaces and between objects such as book shelves and behind furniture's. You can use it just like your dusters. It is also a good length and flexible duster to clean all of your furnitures and is very effective at removing pet hairs, dander, pollen, cobwebs and other allergens.The lengthened long scalable extension pole handle will help you to clean the area you can't get or even the ceiling, ceiling fans, droplights and so on.